U3A Photograph Album 2015

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This Page contains Photographs taken during Group activities in 2015


100th Core Meeting May 18th 2015

Bridge Group

Craft Group


Out and About - Coventry Watch and Clock Museum

Out and About - City of Bath

Out and About - Newman Bros

Out and About - John Taylor Bell Foundry

Out and About - Guided Walk of Old Kenilworth

Out and About - WM Police Dogs Centre


Photography Group Photo Shoot at Coventry Transport Museum

Photography Group Exhibition - January

Photography Group Shoot at Warwick Races

Photography Group Meeting - March 2015

Photography Group Meeting May 2015

Photography Group Exhibition - July

Photography Group Meeting August

Ramblers - Catherine-de-Barnes Walk 21st January 2015

Ramblers - Offchurch 3rd February 2015

Ramblers - Shrewley - Rowington walk 18th March 2015

Ramblers - Shustoke Walk 5th May 2015

Ramblers - Wellesbourne Walk 17th June 2015

Ramblers Wootton Wawen Walk 7th July 2015

Ramblers - Bubbenhall - Wappenbury Walk 6th October 2015

100th Core Meeting




Bridge Group



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Craft Group

The Craft Group at their August Meeting




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Diplomacy Group



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Out and About Group

On March 5th 24 U3A members visited the Coventry Clock and Watch Museum.

The following photographs were taken by Alan Cross.


                   Spon Street Coventry                                                      Waiting outside Museum


    Three Watch Maskers Cottages are being restored                    As it looked in the early 20th century


     There were 180 residents in the Court with by 3 "Toilets" to share between them.


   The living Room of one of the cottages as it is now and a picture of when it was occupied.


    One of our guides dressed as Master Watch Maker would have been and some of the exhibits.


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Coach Trip to Bath

14th May 2015 on a rather wet day 35 members enjoyed acoach excursion to Bath and most also took part of a guided walking tour, seeing the highlights and learning about the history of the city and some of its famous residents.


                                  Members inside the Assembly Rooms on the tour.


                                                The Famous Crescent


The weir on the River Avon


Sally Lunn's House and Bakery most members bought home a famous Sally Lunn Bun

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Tour of Newman Bros - Manufacturers of Coffin Furniture

Thursday 4th June only four members joined the tour of Newman Bros. in Birmingham.,  Despite the products mafe the tour gave an insight into the working methods and conditions of the works.  Newman Bros produced coffin furniture , handles, name plates screw etc continuously from 1882 until it closed in 1998.  All the machinery and equipment is in full working order, just as the doors were closed in 1998.






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Tour of John Taylor Bell Foundry - Loughborough

On July 2nd 2015 26 members shared cars and drove to Loughborough for a tour of John Taylor Bell Foundry.  The largest, oldest, and one of only two Bell foundries left in Britain. 






To comply with a request of the Foundry management the remaining Photographs of the Bell Foundry are protected and only visible to Balsall Common U3A Members. You will be asked for your usual Username and Password.

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Guided Walk of Historic Kenilworth

Thursday 6th August 20 members undertook a guided walk around the old part of Kenilworth. 

The walk was led by Jan Cooper Chairman of Kenilworth Historical and Archaeological Society.




The walk started at the Gatehouse of the Abbey of St Mary.  Some of the remains are still visible in Abbey Fields.





After having the Abbey and its significance to medieval England explained the group moved towards Castle Hill




Passing the Queen and Castle towards Castle Green where the group where told about the stone buiding within a row of cottages that is thought to be an original Chapel.



                                                                                         Jan Cooper explaining the history of this letter box

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Visit to West Midlands Police Dog Breeding and Training Centre

Thursday Morning 1st October the Out and About group literally went to the Dogs.  They spent 2.5 hours at the Holly Lane facility.  First listened to a presentation about the West Midlands Police Dogs division.  This was followed by a tour of the site seeing dogs and puppies.  Finally the group watched some of the dogs being trained.











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August 2015





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Photography Group

On 15th January Photography Group members visited the Coventry Transport Museum


The Following Photographs were take by Iain Roxburgh




The following were taken by Len Tomnie




The following were taken by Roy Hands



The following Photographs were take by Nigel Briggs



   The next set were take by John Bolt



    The next set are credited to Roderick Hatton




   The final set are credited to Jim Melville



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At the 26th January U3A Core meeting the Group displayed an exhibition of their work.

The following were included in that exhibition


                                                            Jim Melville - North Parade Southwold


           Jim Melvile - Misty Morning on the Danube                         Len Tomnie - Cottages at Alcester


  Richard Daymond - Merkat at Tywcross Zoo                                Richard Daymond - Warwick Castle


                 John Bolt - Oranges 

On March 18th some of the Photography group went to Warwick Races   

The first set of images was taken by John Bolt






The following 5 photographs were taken by Iain Roxburgh


              Ambulance on the scene                                                                    Determination



                                                                     Over the Last Fence




                      Flying to the finish                                                                Collecting the winnings


The next set of 6 photographs were taken by Ken Bone







This set taken by Len Tomnie








The next 5 Photographs were taken by Richard Daymond







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 Pictures of the 26th March Photography Group meeting.












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At the May 2015 Meeting the Photography Group members had the opportunity to have their work "Judged" by an external Judge David Venables.  The following prints were in David's Eye the best displayed.


The Comments below each print are those of the Judge.



Dead End – Iain Roxburgh    Good use of colour.  Monochrome picture with graffiti in colour.  Winner


   In the Round – Iain Roxburgh

   Tells a story.  Child enjoying herself,  Bright highlights.  Should have cropped.  Child positioned well.  Second place


Balsall Rocks – Bill Fine

Good picture.  Good colours and good detail.  White area not good – should crop out.  Third place



Forest of Arden Ploughing Match – Roy Hands

Good record.  Looks static.  Horses don’t look as if they are moving.  Highly commended



First Boat Out – Trevor Doyle

Good composition.  (Sky would have spoilt the picture.)  Boat leads to island and duck.  Good use of triangular arrangement.  Trees are silhouetted.   Commended

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At the July U3A Core meeting the Group displayed an exhibition of their work.




Jim Melville - Forth Bridge                                                                       Roy Hands



Jim Melville - Pittenweem




Len Tomnie - Susan                                                                                Len Tomnie - Old Rockers




John Bolt - Hungarian Parliament                                                         John Bolt - Tiger




Peter Calver - Monarch Butterfly                                                       Richard Daymond - Dunes from the Air


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At the August 2015 Meeting the Photography Group members again had the opportunity to have their work "Judged" by an external Judge David Venables.  The following prints were in David's Eye the best PDI's displayed.



Wasting No Time - Iain Roxburgh



Dune 45 from the Air - Richard Daymond




                                           Dried Hydrangea - Trevor Doyle


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Ramblers Group

21st January 2015 24 members of the group set off from Catherine-de-Barnes for a ramble in the local area led by Martin Richards














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February 3rd with a light covering of snow and a temperature of 0 degrees 23 intrepid members embarked on a 5 mile walk from Offchurch to Newbold Comyn and return.  The walk was led by Barabara and Phil Hammond.










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18th March the Ramblers met at the Durham Ox, Shrewley and enjoyed a circular walk to Rowington Church and back.














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Despite inclement weather, on 5th May 25 members met at the Shustoke Reservoir car Park and enjoyed a walk around the area led by Madeline and John Peat.












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On 17th June members met at the King Richard Pub in Wellesbourne  and walked around the area led by Lynn and Tony Brinkworth











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On 7th July members met at the Navigation Pub in Wootton Wawen and enjoyed a circular walk led by Fran and Ian Lester









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On 6th October members of the Ramblers Group met at the Malt Shovel in Bubbenhall to enjoy a 5 mile walk towards Wappenbury










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