Short Walks Group   (about 3 miles, 90 minutes)

Co-ordinator TBA (Richard Drake temporarily)

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This is a new, but already, popular and sociable group who enjoy walking local fields and paths marveling at the wonderful Warwickshire countryside on our doorstep.  These are rambles and may include the occasional stile as well as gates. Sensible walking footwear and clothing is needed. However, they are meant to be less demanding than the full Ramblers Group who typically walk for 5 miles plus.  We meet once a month, on the 1st Wednesday at 11.00 am.

A number of walk leaders take it in turns to select a walk of about 3 miles. They choose where to go and where to meet.  Members are encouraged to lead a walk but there is no requirement to do so (however, without leaders there will be no walks!).

The aim is to start in Balsall Common (or within 10 minutes of it) and normally find pub car parks for our starting/finishing points! Many members stay for a drink and /or a meal after the walk.  (Although a good tearoom or café should not be ruled out.)

Averaging 10-20 members per walk we have got off to a good start. We walk in most kinds of weather (although to date we have been quite lucky with conditions this cannot last!).

The cost is very low - we have a joining fee of £2 and to date no other costs (and it is free for anyone who is already a paid up member of the Ramblers Group).  You do pay for your own drinks/meals after a walk! 

If you would like to join or require any other information please contact Richard 01676 534932 ( ).

Prospective new members can also "try us out" by just turning up at a walk starting point and joining us for that walk. Please note, however, if you are not already a U3A member you will not be covered by the U3A insurance scheme.  Following that if you wish to continue you will need to join the U3A and the Short Walks group.

If anyone wants to lead (or help lead) a walk please contact Richard.  Support is here for anyone who has never lead a walk before.  All part of “lifelong learning”.  (NB New leaders often pair up with a more experienced leader for their first walk).

If anyone wants to create a ramble route, either for the U3A or for personal reasons try out the following site

Short Walk June 2018.

When:       Wednesday 6th June at 11.00 am

Where:     Lavender Hall Fishery, Lavender Hall Lane, CV7 7BN 

NB:     For a change we will lunch at a Café.  They have a well deserved reputation for good value food.  Anybody who is really desperate for a drink can go the The Railway instead if they prefer (other hostelries are available!)

Travel details:  You can either walk to Café or drive there via Lavender Hall Road (there is plenty of parking). Pedestrian access is via the permissive path off Hallmeadow Road or from the station ramp.

Walk details:    3 miles (this is the first loop of a longer walk I led last year BUT in the opposite direction).  Flat with several gates and 2 stiles (there is a simple detour for anyone who doesn't fancy these).  Walk starts from the Café across the railway, up Hallmeadow Road and beside the A452 for a short stretch.  Crossing fields to the boardwalk in front of Berkswell Hall.  Through Berkswell Church and then back to the Fisheries via Ram Hall.  Some gateways were still a bit muddy in early May but I expect them to be dry for June.

Lunch:       The Cafe serves a range of meals and snacks. So either let me know beforehand or before we start the walk.   Click here for Cafe Menu

Walk leader:     Richard Drake 01676 534932   (if  any inexperienced walker wants to lead with me please let me know as I will be doing at least one more recce).




We have walks and leaders in place as follows: 

If you can fill one or more of the Leader Wanted months please contact Richard Drake


Date Walk Leader
06 June 2018 Richard Drake / TBA
04 July 2018 Peter Calver
01 August 2018 Richard Drake
05 September 2018 Linda & Gary Carey
03 October 2018 Jan Baylis
07 November 2018 Leader Wanted
05 December 2018 Merryl Muat


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