Swimming Group

Coordinator Chris Burleigh



The swimming group meets at the Excel centre, Mitchell Avenue, CV4 8DY (off Charter Avenue), on the first and second Mondays of each month (except if there is a clash with school or public holidays), between 3 pm and 4 pm. We have exclusive use of the pool, with lifeguard supervision. One half of the pool is set at a depth of just 1.25 metres for the entire length, making very safe swimming, and the other half is about 1.8 metres deep, for keen swimmers. There are no lessons or group sessions, so you can come along and swim as much or as little, as fast or as slow, as you like.

There is also a sauna.

The cost is currently 3.00 per session + 1 refundable locker rental. 

There is plenty of free car parking.

Attendance varies each week, and more members are welcome.

If you would like a timely monthly email reminder, please let Chris Burleigh know at swimming@balsallcommonu3a.org 


Dates of sessions in 2018 are as follows:

August - no swimming due to school holidays

September - 10th and 17th (as some schools are not back on 3rd)

October - 1st and 8th

November - 5th and 12th

December - 3rd and 10th


Our exclusive use of the pool is under constant review we need more people to attend (I realise not everyone can attend 100% of the time.) Please make every effort to attend and if possible spread the word!


If would like to join this group or want more details please click this link sending an email to Chris Burleigh or telephone Chris on 01676 533762.


For your information this swimming pool is only 4 miles from Balsall Common.  To see details of this Leisure Centre click here


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