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Co-ordinator Martin Richards

This is a very active, popular and sociable group who enjoy each otherís company and tramping the local fields, highways and byways, marveling at the wonderful Warwickshire scenery so close to us.

We meet twice a month, on the 1st Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday at 10.00 am.

We have a number of walk leaders who take it in turns to select a walk of between 4 and 6 miles. They choose where to go and where we meet.  I like to encourage newer members to offer to lead a walk after they have settled in with us but there is no compunction to do so!

We try to start within 10 miles of Balsall Common and most frequently find pub car parks very suitable for our starting/finishing points! Many members stay for a drink and /or a meal after the walk.

We currently have 70 members of whom the majority are active.

We currently average around 18-25 members per walk with a high of 30!  We walk in most kinds of weather with one major exception being snow! And in the 10 years the group has been running have only cancelled half a dozen walks due to weather conditions.

The cost is very low - we have a joining fee of £2 and to date no other costs.  We do, however, ask members to pay for their own drinks/meals after a walk!  With the joining fee money raised so far we have bought and kept up to date 2 first aid kits for the leaders to take on their walks and future funds will be available to buy maps, written up walks, etc.

If you would like to join or require any other information please contact Martin Richards by telephone: 01676 533429, or email: mwlrichards@gmail.com .  Prospective new members can also "try us out" by just turning up at a walk starting point and joining us for that particular walk. Please note, however, if you are not already a U3A member you will not be covered by the U3A insurance scheme.  Following that if you wish to continue you will need to join the U3A and the Ramblers group.

Walk Leader Schedule 2018  (You will need a username and password to access this list if you have forgotten it click on this link)

If anyone wants to lead a walk please contact Martin Richards.  Help is at hand for anyone who has never lead a walk before.

If anyone wants to create a ramble route, either for the U3A or for personal reasons try out the following site:  http://wtp2.appspot.com/wheresthepath.htm

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Second July Walk

When:       Wednesday 18th July

Where:      10:00 at The Anchor Inn Leek Wootton CV35 7QX

Travel Details:   Leave Balsall Common on A452 to Kenilworth. Drive through Kenilworth towards Warwick.  At the island take the 3rd exit towards Leek Wootton, the Anchor is on the right in the middle of the village. Please park at the far end of the car park.

Walk Details:     This is a circular walk of about 4.5 miles. It is mostly on grass or footpaths, some on Millennium Way. There is a small amount on pavements. There are a few slight inclines and plenty of gates but no stiles. When we walked the route in June there were a couple of very overgrown places and therefore I suggest long sleeves and trousers might be a good idea. We will have secateurs but if you want to bring your own please feel free to do so.

Lunch:       The Anchor Inn has several menus, including a lunchtime option.  Click here for lunch Menu

Please let Lynda and Paul know your lunch orders by 6pm on the Tuesday, if possible, so they can email them through to the pub.

Walk Leaders:    Lynda and Paul Moore: 07855 608276 or email: lyndamoore983@gmail.com

 Click Here for printable copy of these notes